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Rainbow Six Siege will be free to Korean players in PC bangs

2019-07-17 09:07:14

Ubisoft has a lot of plans for Rainbow Six Siege in the Asian market, and now the company has announced plans to offer free games in Korea's PC bangs. The entire content of the game will be available to players in these LAN centers without restrictions, and the increased usability will have a major impact on the game's APAC eSports scene.

However, what is impressive is that PUBG is not a free-to-play game. It is currently in early access on Steam and requires a valid purchase in order to play. There have also not been any temporary events or marketing campaigns to lure crowds. Hence, PUBG sitting at the top of Korean PC Bangs is clearly because there is a strong demand for the game in the region.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot announced the news for the first time last month, and follow-up news from executive director Alain Corre this week provides more details on the launch. Anyone with an Uplay account can log in to Rainbow Six Siege via their computer "no need to purchase any licenses".

The PC bangs release will include access to all of the Rainbow Six Siege operators as well as the in-game charm. “So far, we are very grateful for your support and love for Ubisoft,” Corre said. “We would like to thank this update.”

It stays to be seen precisely how gamers will reply to the PC bang launch, however elevated availability in South Korea ought to assist to enliven the scene round what’s historically been one of many world’s greatest esports hubs.

As we all know, in order to promote the promotion of Rainbow Six Siege in the Asian market, Ubisoft also made some changes to some scenes in the game, but in the strong opposition of the community players, the official officially withdrew the relevant changes.