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Rainbow Six Siege: Client-side debris is finally getting fixed in 2020

2019-07-17 09:22:53

You can always see the complaint of Rainbow Six Siege Client-side debris in reddit or somewhere at the blog: "Dear Ubi, please remove client side debris.” Finally, there comes a solution. Let's take a look.

Some players complain with Rainbow Six Siege: Client-side debris:

“There can be some situations where the corpses are laying in a different position for each player sometimes that can give an advantage. The same goes with debris, especially if you hit a barricade, they don't always drop down. Something should be done about this, just to keep the game as fair as possible.” ” That's probably the worst one, seeing someone first so you start shooting and you just hear them bullets hit that shield. The enemy turns around and just kills you then.”

Client-side debris is finally getting fixed in 2020

Effects like debris in Rainbow Six Siege are calculated client-side – meaning that the results are particular to each user’s game client rather than being consistent for the entire server. Sometimes, that means you have an entirely different sightline than your opponent, and the inconsistencies have been giving players occasional fits for years.

Ubisoft is working to fix the inconsistent fragmentation of barricades, but it does not begin until the "potential" fifth year. “We are currently in the design phase to determine how we deal with this topic,” the developer said. "We are exploring and prototyping different options." The exact situation of the repair tool remains to be seen, but it may not just be a turn to server-side calculations.

The developers are still working to fix the drone that Echo is almost invisible now, which is an unspecified "future patch." In the full outline of the most important issues, sound errors (including a "allowing sound to spread more easily through solid objects") and connectivity problems are also considered to be major problems in repair.

The Y4S3 is suitable for many game fixes, including better dissemination of Smoke's gas grenades, further improved weapon line-of-sight alignment, and in-game UI details when the operator is canceled - just as Clash is disabled.

Finally, the expectation for players of removing client side debris will come true in 2020. All the players must get excited about the exciting news.