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26 August
Rainbow Six Siege Special Features & Operator Analysis

"Rainbow Six: Siege" is an anti-terrorism theme shooting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studio for a new generation of game consoles. The game officially landed on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms on Nove

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05 August
Ubisoft decide to adjust the artistic and visual effects of Rainbow Six Siege in Asia

Ubisoft decided to let Tom Clancy prepare for the Rainbow Six Siege in Asia by modifying or removing some visual effects from the game to ease the mention of violence, sex and gambling. Earlier this month, Ubisoft

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24 July
Someone Created a Rainbow Six Siege’s Chalet map in The Sims 4

On the surface, Rainbow Six Siege and The Sims 4 don't have much in common. One is a tense, tactical multiplayer shooter, and the other is a steady, purely materialistic life simulator that is both convincing in our

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23 July
The best Rainbow Six Siege characters

Rainbow Six Siege is a sophisticated shooting game - perhaps one of the most complex multiplayer games currently in play. Depth comes from many places: the destructible environment, the design of the map, but mainly from

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17 July
Rainbow Six Siege: Client-side debris is finally getting fixed in 2020

You can always see the complaint of Rainbow Six Siege Client-side debris in reddit or somewhere at the blog: "Dear Ubi, please remove client side debris.” Finally, there comes a solution. Let's take a

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15 July
Rainbow Six Siege How to Get Outbreak Packs

Outbreak Packs is a premium loot crate in Rainbow Six Siege’s new zombie mode, which players racks their brains and tries their best to obtain. Here we will introduce Outbreak Packs: Pricing, skins list, contents a

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11 July
Rainbow Six Siege Tips & R6 Beginners' Guide

Here are the Rainbow Six Siege (R6) tips, guide & strategies for beginners. If you are looking forward to find some tips to play well with the game, then you are at the right place. 1. Stop running everywhere.

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09 July
R6 Guide: Fastest Way to Get Renown Rainbow Six Siege

In the first-person online shooter video game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, there are two main currencies in R6, one is R6 Credits, and another is Renown. You can use R6 Credits to unlock new weapon skins, bundles

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05 July
Rainbow Six Siege 3v3 showdown event begins in the limited-time map – Fort Truth

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege recently launched a 3v3 western-themed showdown limited-time event from July 2nd to July 16th, which included a small map of the new design called Fort Truth, a 3v3 “face-off&rdqu

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04 July
Rainbow Six Siege 3v3 Western-Themed Showdown Event is Live Now

Giddy up for Rainbow Six Siege, as Ubisoft just launched the new Wild-West-themed Showdown mode, which takes place on an all-new map, Fort Truth. Check out a trailer, below. “ The law was coming but the Grav

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