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The best Rainbow Six Siege characters

2019-07-23 01:00:31

Rainbow Six Siege is a sophisticated shooting game - perhaps one of the most complex multiplayer games currently in play. Depth comes from many places: the destructible environment, the design of the map, but mainly from the unique gadgets, statistics and loads provided by each playable operator. But what is the best Rainbow Six Siege operator? We have been training with elite forces to find the answer.

Due to the game's asymmetric multiplayer gameplay, the Rainbow Six Siege operator has two forms: attackers and defenders. Currently, there are 48 Rainbow Six Siege operators who can unlock and use the game, and each operator can be neatly broken down into 24 operators. You must also use the in-game currency to unlock the operator; you can get these currencies by completing the match and tick the daily challenge, so it's best to know which ones to snap up in order to collect the remaining carriers faster.

Versatility is the key to making Hibana an effective destroyer. Her gadget, X-KAIROS, fired six explosive projectiles that could blow a small rectangular hole through the reinforced surface. You have three shots, which mean you can choose to create a large entry point that your teammates can pass through, a traversable hole that can pass through, or a mailbox entry point that you can climb through. If you do not need to set the entry point, X-KAIROS can also be used to create a line of sight in a reinforced wall, which forces the defender to reposition itself or observe both the objective and the newly created window.

Refusing to enter can be a huge problem for attacking the team. It's nice to know that Margaret Thatcher is the best opponent of this defensive setting. Mute's signal jammers and Bandit's CED-1 Shock Wire rendering destroyer, drones and countless Rainbow Six Siege operator widgets are useless. Similarly, Jäger's active defense system can neutralize any projectiles that pass through it, which means that bombing targets with explosives is not an option. Thatcher's EMP grenade can fight against all of these devices, even through walls and ceilings. Of course, this made Thatcher one of the most important rainbow-level attackers.

Therefore, Thatcher should be on the front line of the main lineup, where he can use his EMP grenades to allow Hibana, Fuze and Twitch to perform damage and cleanup work. The fact that EMP grenades can work through walls is their advantage because they can completely avoid Jäger's ADS - you can throw EMP grenades on reinforced walls and reliably knock down an important enemy gadget.

Since the launch of Rainbow Six Siege, Ash has been the main choice for skilled players. She is still one of the most popular, versatile and deadly Rainbow Six Siege operators in the competition. The reason is speed - Ash is one of the few three-speed attackers. This made her good at impacting targets and keeping the defensive side off guard while they were still setting up gadgets and reinforcing walls. Her M120 Crem, with two breakout wheels, can shorten the doorway and unreinforced walls so you can break through the defender's position within seconds of the start of the turn.