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R6 Guide: Fastest Way to Get Renown Rainbow Six Siege

2019-07-09 08:50:39

In the first-person online shooter video game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, there are two main currencies in R6, one is R6 Credits, and another is Renown. You can use R6 Credits to unlock new weapon skins, bundles and DLC operators, uniforms, charms, and more! While Rainbow Six Siege Renown is used to unlock operators, weapons and weapon skins, which is the base currency. In the following, I will introduce tips on how to easily get renown faster than usual.

You can get renown by playing terrorist hunt with friends. This is the most common, most easy, and fastest way to earn renown. Although, it takes time, 3 rounds pays off more renown than winning a casual match with being a top fragger. Anyways, the most easy way to do this is :( 1. Go to settings and turn off all maps except for house and all game modes except for hostage. 2. Find a friend that can play with you and start a match, duo is already enough. 3. From there on, just keep playing. I approximately think that you can earn 1000 renown or more in 10-15 minutes).

Rainbow Six Siege's single player  'Situations’ missions task players with completing one main objective such as rescuing and escorting a hostage to safety, or simply eliminating all of the terrorists off the map. Completing these main objectives and getting kills will get you renown just as it does in the multiplayer aspect of the game, although, this isn’t in huge amounts.

If you're willing to shell out some real-world money on in-game items, Rainbow Six: Siege offers a variety of microtransactions to help expedite the unlock process. In the Store section of the game, players can purchase R6 credits, which can in turn be spent on various in-game items. Players can earn Renown faster by buying Boosters that temporarily increase the rate of Renown earned over a short period of time. If you are already inclined to complete objectives and challenges for increased XP rewards, then Boosters are a good way to maximize your overall Renown earnings as well.

You can get Renown by being ranked in a match. This one is a bit hard but if you have the skills and a good tem to go with you can earn a lot. On an average a ranked match may take 20 minutes to complete but gives you 600 plus renown on winning.

Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass is the last way to get more Renown. But if you have much time for grinding, I do not suggest this method for you. It is not a decent option, for that you can get enough Renown according to our guide, which will help you get Renown without using money. On the one hand, you experience the joy of the game. On the other hand, you get Renown for free.