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The Unskippable Adverts in NBA 2K19 Caused a Ruckus

2019-06-28 09:26:13

Players of the NBA 2K19 have recently been confused about ads that cannot be skipped in the game. On June 22nd, on a new discussion thread on Reddit, a person named afilathiel released a screenshot of the NBA 2K loading interface with instructions: “sharing disdain at having paid $60 for the title." and he cursed 2K.

"Tested this out with a video, Sadly OP is right. Takes about 1:07 to load to tip off with ads. Takes 1:07 to load game (to tip off) with skipping when can. (Can’t skip ad, load is in bottom right, about 15 seconds of ad with game loaded.) Testing the advertisement during load of game. Once game load is complete, you HAVE TO WATCH the rest of the ad and cannot skip. Pathetic, choice by 2K to include ads in a 60$ game.”

Loading the interface to watch ads is not new to players of 2K sports games. According to the discussion, players can choose to disable "2K TV" in the game without looking at the loaded ads. But recently, complaints about loading ads in the online community have grown.

The ads in question are for a TV show called Snowfall, and while many fans are upset that 2K even added them in the first place, it’s not the first time the company has done this. Previously, the game has forced players to watch ads for companies like Converse, among others. It’s unclear if the ads will only stay temporarily or if they’re in the game for good, but the damage has already been done in the eyes of many franchise fans.

It shows that a game has been loaded but cannot be progressed until the advert is done. Unskippable adverts are usually found in the realm of free mobile games, YouTube unless you have Premium and TV. There does seem to be some kind of fix though in that players can turn off the 2KTV setting in the options which should mean you don’t see these adverts. It does seem though that 2K Games are looking to explore every single avenue to get as much income from NBA 2K, which as a business is its function, but each of these feels like it sacrifices player and consumer friendliness to build up that income.

In fact, 2K Sports is not only the one company that has tried to build ads in the game, and Capcom's Street Fighter V has also placed advertisements for the professional fighting tour. These ads are also closable, and players who choose to watch the ads receive additional in-game purchases. However, these ads were only displayed for about half a month and were removed by Capcom after the end of the tour promotion period.

What’s the review of the unskippable adverts in NBA 2K19? Share with us at Igxc.com.