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NBA 2K19 Advanced Tips

2019-07-26 00:44:26

To play well with basketball simulation video game NBA 2K19, you'd better equip yourself with some advanced tips. Follow this short article, you will find the answer.

The most common play in the NBA, the pick and roll, creates both passing and shooting opportunities. It’s highly effective and often underutilized. If you’re going to use one advanced offensive maneuver, it should be the pick and roll. It’s much harder to blow by defenders in NBA 2K19, so in order to create open lanes, you often have to run a play. The pick and roll will quickly become your best friend.

Always remember to substitute players. You can call a timeout by pressing the middle button on the Dualshock 4, or the back button on the Xbox One controller, and from here you can swap out players that are worn out. Don’t be afraid to swap out one player for another, even if the player coming in has a worse overall rating.

There is a lot of VC to be earned in Play Now Online, MyLeague, and MyGM modes. NBA 2K19 players stand to gain VC and a more well-rounded experience from broadening their horizons.

When playing offense, you should focus on hitting the gym and also on getting a good teammate score. Try not to dominate the court, and stick to your position. This is because messing up can lead to you getting a lower teammate score. Try and learn the play style of each player and then only take open shots. You should also learn how to play as a part of the team and try to assist your teammates with screens whenever possible. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t over-dribble as this will lead to a turnover for sure. When a turnover is caused, you should immediately run back to defend against the opposing team.

There are many different passing variations in NBA 2K19, but the one you should master first is the bounce pass. This is a low-risk pass that makes it harder for defenders to jump into the passing lane and steal the ball. Just make sure you don't try to pass it to someone on the other side of the court.

For an overhead pass, press Triangle/Y. The overhead pass is great for starting a fast break. You can also hold the button for a lead to basket pass. Performing this maneuver instructs a teammate to cut to the basket before receiving the ball, which is great for making quick assists in the paint. Alternatively, you can double tap Triangle/Y for an alley-oop.

Take our generous guide, and try these in different modes. Finally, hope you can get max joy from this gameplay.