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NBA 2K19 VC Guide: How to Farm Virtual Currency Fast & Free

2019-07-10 08:49:19

There are two types of currencies in NBA 2K19, including NBA 2K19 VC & NBA 2K19 MT. NBA 2K19 VC is the lifeblood of this gameplay, which can be spent in many game modes, including MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and MyGM. So, do you know how to get them? Follow these guide, and you will find the answer.

What can we do with NBA 2K19 VC?

One of the biggest uses of VC is to upgrade your player in the MyCareer mode, as you work your way up from draft failure to superstar player, all within a story-like mode. You can upgrade attributes like three points shooting, step-back, cutting, and other key skills for your player with Virtual Currency. Another huge feature for VC in NBA 2K19 is to purchase packs in the MyTeam mode. This mode basically functions as the Ultimate Team of 2K’s sports game, and you can use VC to purchase packs from the MyTeam Market, that give you a random chance of obtaining a few more players, jerseys, and other items.

How to Earn NBA 2K19 VC Fast?

If you want to play the game, and get better while not having to spend VC too much, hop into a quick game through the main menu. While this may seem obvious, many people overlook this method of earning VC as they’d rather start grinding in MyCareer mode right away. This is also a great way to learn the new flow of the game once the newest version rolls out. Give it a try and see how easy or hard offense and defense are this year before choosing what type of MyCareer player you want to make.

Endorsements are also a big generator of VC. Early on in the game you'll get some contracts for a car dealership that offer 1,000 VC right off the bat. Subsequent endorsements are earned by accruing fans. Fans are accrued by playing well. To maximize your fan intake, set the MyCareer difficulty to Pro and play in 12-minute quarters. If you pass certain point thresholds, you'll get fan multipliers. For a 50-point game, for example, you'll get an extra 10,000 fans. Your first major endorsement is from Foot Locker or Gatorade.

Another great way for earning virtual currency is playing in MyTeam mode. All you have to do is play in single matches. By doing this, you can earn virtual currency and also move towards getting elite players to add to your MyTeam. The key for how to earn VC in NBA 2K19 MyTeam is by having productive offense in the game. The more stats you can build up in a game such as shots, points scored, and assists dished out, the more VC you can gain.

That's all you need about NBA 2K19 VC Guide: How to Farm Virtual Currency Fast & Free. Finally, hope this guide will do a great help for you.