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FIFA Mobile Points Guide: How to get free points for ultimate Team and what’s the best way to spend them

2019-07-08 00:51:22

If you want to build a FIFA Ultimate Team and want to get close to TOTW & 99 Overall, you’d better equip yourself with enough FIFA Mobile Points. For that, points will help you with buying FUT Packs and FUT Draft entries. Card Packs contain items (including players and consumables) which you can use to improve your team, and FUT Draft Entries allow you to play FUT Draft. Do you want to know how to get free points without spending money? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. In this short article, we will guide you on how to get free FIFA Mobile Points for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Each week there’s a Team of the Week event for you to complete, which awards you with TOTW points. If you complete all of the TOTW events in a month, you’re awarded with POTM points to spend at a later date. It has also been known for you to be able to get POTM points from End or an Era events (EOE), giving you more chance to get points to spend on POTM players. The best thing to do is to simply complete the TOTW events each and every week, so that you have enough POTM Points to spend when the time comes.

When you are looking for a League, you can check the Fame rating by pressing the information icon prior to applying. If a league has a decent amount of Fame points they’re a better bet to help get you League Points.

You can also obtain FIFA Mobile Points as a one-time bonus at the beginning of the game, which grants you 1,000 Points that you can spend on anything you want. Other than that, the last way to earn Points is by investing real money in the Store and buying Points packs.

When it comes to purchasing packs, the best choice will be the Gold Premium parcel for 150 FIFA Points. Inside you will find 12 golden cards of which 3 will be rare. As a result, for the additional 50 FIFA points, you receive 3 times more rare cards than in a regular Golden Packet. The chance to gain the best players is also increased here and it looks as follows:

100% chance to receive a gold player with an overall score of at least 75+.

20% chance to receive a gold player with an overall score of at least 82+.

4.6% chance to receive a gold player with an overall score of at least 84+.

That is the tips we got for FIFA Mobile Points farming. If you also want to find out the ways to get another currency of FIFA Mobile, called FIFA Mobile Coins, please be sure to check FIFA Mobile Coins Guide: How to Get Free Coins for Ultimate Team at Igxc.com.