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Loadouts for Hard Light DPS on DC Universe Online

2019-07-05 01:46:45

Hard Light is in a very good place right now...Range, melee and ST are all pretty good. The troll side is on par with the rest and is fun and fast paced again.

HL is similar to rage in that they are both combo powers that excel in Melee range. HL does its best damage with melee play in mind. Which can be done on most mobs in most instances. Several Range powers are Channel powers and can do good damage but can take a little longer to pay off than clipped powers. Overall the best damage I've been able to track involves a loadout built around clipping constructs.

For a range AOE loadout, a PI starter Chompers, Light Weight Strike, SpikeQuake will all do. Chompers has the lowest power cost and deals the most damage if the adds live long enough. Light Weight Strike is a super charge generator. Spike Quake will deal burst damage. There are other PI applicators in the Iconics tree. If you wish to try them but these are full range powers, then grab Ram and Fan. Combo Ram>Fan Clipped Fan>Impact. Then you can fill out the rest of your power slots based off you and your groups play style. You could also use GH>Fan as another combo but I left that out since GH is single target.

Example damage rotation : LWS>Ram>Fan/Fan>IMP>SpikeQuake

Example Power Tray : LWS, Ram, Fan, SQ, Light Barrier, Strafing Run

For Melee the most practical and fun rotations I'm using are Sonic Cry, Ram, Whip Thrash, Chainsaw, Light Barrier, Neo Venom Boost

Example damage rotation : Sonic Cry>Ram>Whip Thrash/Whip Thrash>Whip Thrash/Chainsaw>Chainsaw/Sonic Cry

On the Ram -Fan clip, the best way to describe the timing would be when you see your hand pull back to do the Fan combo. That’s when you clip with power Ram again. You'll know you did it right when practicing on a dummy and see the light green swirl around the target.?

On HC combo, the second you hit the 3rd HC, your tray power will come off cooldown- Your toon will look like he double handclaps and you see the hit register, but not actually see the HC.

For WT, it is very similar to Ram fan. You (p) whips (c) whips the second you see the whip animation you are clipping with tray whips. Again you'll notice a short stutter like HC, and you'll be registering both hits at once. Practice, practice, practice is all I can tell you as HL is more like it was pre-AM era now. You'll get the muscle memory down in a short amount of time!

For power issues, the melee multi is not too bad on power. If you are needing to run the other (2) combos and you are having power problems, just do the old AM to regen your power untill you get enough back to start hard clipping. (P) Ram (c) Fan (c) Impact (c) Lightblast (c) Ram and repeat.

You can try the robot sidekick. It works best in content with a controller that can feed you power and a melee range loadout. The robot sidekick doesn't do as well damage wise from range. Using the robot sidekick will reduce your power regen so keep that in mind if the controller is having trouble keeping you powered. It may be worth it to sub something else in since the RS damage wouldn't make or break anything from range anyways.

I like HL. With this guide, Hopefully, you can better play with it!

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