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Daybreak is bringing DC Universe Online to Nintendo Switch

2019-07-04 00:47:12

Daybreak Games has announced that DC Universe Online will enter the Switch. When DCUO is released for the Switch this summer, players will be able to achieve their hero or evil fantasy.

DC Universe Online (DCUO) was released on January 11, 2011, which is a free-to-play action combat massive multiplayer online game. It is based on the fictional universe of DC Comics, which allows player to create a new, original character that interacts with the iconic heroes and villains of DC Comics.

Like many MMO Games, the world of DC Universe Online is always changing, and now Nintendo Switch players will be able to access all of them anytime, anywhere. The game now has more than 300 heroes and villains based on the DC Comics series, and players can even access the latest content of the game, such as the Atlantis or Justice League Dark released in March.

“Bringing such a massive online game to Nintendo Switch has been a dream come true,” said SJ Mueller, Creative Director of DC Universe Online. “As soon as the Nintendo Switch released, the development team couldn’t help but wonder, what if …?” creative director S.J. Mueller said in a statement. “Long story short, we are so excited for players to take their DC experience wherever they go.”

In the following are some frequently asked questions:

When will DCUO launch on Switch?

DCUO will launch on Switch in Summer 2019. Check back soon for more specific launch dates.

Will my account or characters transfer from other platforms to Switch?

No. Players will connect to DCUO using their Nintendo Accounts, which will not be linked to existing accounts.

Will DCUO on Switch be free-to-play?

Yes. As on other platforms, DCUO will be free-to-play on Switch.

Will DCUO on Switch allow crossplay?

DCUO will launch on Switch with a brand-new, fresh server, separate from all other communities. We look forward to exploring crossplay options in the future.

Given the size of the game, the developer's work has been done because they are suitable for Nintendo's portable hardware. Having said that, the latest version should contain everything the player is familiar with in the game. According to the CBR interview, the Switch version has only minor changes compared to other consoles, especially it does not include cross-platform games, but all common content will be rendered and playable on the Switch.