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An Ultimate Guide for Investment on FIFA Mobile Market

2019-07-03 01:19:35

There are plenty of ways to earn coins in FIFA Mobile, like playing the game, bidding, sniping and so on. Amongst investment is the only consistent way that has consistently had great coin returns.  You buy some cards based on their intrinsic value and sell back when they rise. Pretty easy right? But your coin returns will still be relatively poor unless you master the investing techniques. You need to pick the right card, at the right price and sell back at the right price. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the investment strategies that will provide a solid guideline on how to invest. And if you wanna rake in coins in large amount, you can buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins right from Igxc.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

investment guide

How to select a card to invest in?

It's easy actually. People tend to think only a few good cards are worth investing in cause others are too low rated or not good enough. You need to keep in mind, there are thousands of new players who will just buy whatever is cheap and fitting. This way a lot of cards are valuable if they are simply cheap enough. In general these are the factors you should consider for successful investments:
Real Life Popularity
Skill Boost
Skill Move
Event Exclusivity

Invest only if you would be comfortable owning a stock even if you had no way of knowing its daily share price. - Benjamin Graham

When to buy cards?

You can make profit off even a bad card if you buy it at the right time. That's what I have done a lot, and it works great cause people don't often look at bad cards for investing.

Ideally these are the scenarios when you should buy cards:

    When the card becomes tradable and is large in supply. This applies well to TOTW and pack only cards. But be careful, people usually end up doing the momentum trading method in the name of investing in TOTW cards and drive their price up high initially. Wait and let the prices bottom out. As for pack only cards, they are a gold mine IMO, as they crash heavily when available and rise quickly as there's no supply left. For event cards, buy at the end of the event as that's when prices are at the lowest as everyone has claimed their rewards.

    During a heavy market crash. When new cards become tradable like above, people tend to panic sell or undercut each other to the point where some cards are available at an insane value. If you buy at the bottom of the market crash you're guaranteed to make good profit.

    Before some sort of coins influx. If everyone is getting coins through some event node or reward, anticipate the market inflation and invest in good cards. Last year when everyone claimed the LNY coin reward, we saw the most extreme market inflation ever in FM history. Most cards went extinct and mad profits were to be made. You may think these events happen rarely, but it's enough to more than double your coins, so always be on the watch for any sort of coin influx.

How many cards to buy?

You can’t afford something unless you can buy it twice. - Jay-Z

A word of caution, never invest beyond your means. Only invest heavily when you're very confident. For example I have over 500m invested currently and that's not even half my coin balance so it's still safe. Usually to start with buy around 2m-5m worth of a particular card. Most of my investments are 10m into a card and more recently I've pushed to 20m-40m. But don't go all in unless you know what you're doing. There's a thin line between investing and price manipulation by buying out all cards. Don't do that. Invest, don't influence the prices.

When to sell your investments?

This is more important than when to buy. I'll tell you guys, I have received dozens of DMs where people ask who to invest in, what will get easy profit, etc. The one thing they don't understand is that investments are believing a card is worth much more than its current value. I've made 100% profit overnight and even after 2 months some cards gave back only 50% profit. My strict answer to anyone who asks when to sell is, don't invest if you can't wait. There's ideally never a fixed duration in which a card will realise its value. Well yes, usually it does take my investments 1-2 weeks to rise on an average, but I don't fret if it takes longer. That's why I say invest within your means. Take the current market for example, it's TOTS season and we are headed towards a sustained market crash. With a lot of OP cards coming in every week, prices keep falling. It will obviously hit rock bottom when starters become tradable.

You'll also get better at it over time. I remember mass investing in TOTY Hernandez cause he seemed to be a very valuable card going for a measly 260-300k. I bought 40 of him back when I didn't have many coins. Sure enough, he was the first to rise. He got to 700k quickly and I thought it was good enough to book my profits. I was wrong though, he went on to rise upto 1.1m soon enough. I learned well from it, and had one of my most successful investment in 85 Carniball Animated LB Schulz. Bought 100 at 200k. Sold at 880k, which was his maximum price. Pretty much a perfect investment I'd say.

At what price to sell?

Take a cue from my How to sell section and identify which state is the card in currently. Ideally it shouldn't ever be crashing if you've bought it at its lowest price. If its rising, let it keep rising. Don't hesitate to wait for a day to observe how high can it go. Once it becomes stable I always suggest matching the current going price (BIN not BID) as the supply for the card should be over. That way you get the maximum profit. Also look to push for the next higher price cap over the current one. If demand is decent and supply is less, the bot will naturally buy cards at a higher price cap. Keep experimenting this for a few times, and I'm sure you'll understand how to get the best price for your cards.