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World of Kings Beginner Guide: Character Creation, Leveling, Crafting, Gold Farming, Stronk and More

2019-07-16 01:19:10

World of Kings is a brand new MMORPG for Android and iOS by Zloong. Say you just started play the game, here’s a complete beginner guide for you.

world of kings

Character Creation

    1. There are no hairstyles to choose from, these are dependent on the clothes you acquire later on in game.

    2. There are three class Transfer groups. You can transfer into another class inside your Transfer group at level 60.

        Cleric - Paladin - Archer

        Mage - Wizard - Dark Sage

        Warrior - Fighter - Rogue

    3. There are 3 subclasses (aka “Awakened Class”) for every class.

        You can subclass/Awaken at 40.

        You can pick up more than one Awakened class.

        Many classes include an Awakened Class that is not in the same Role their class started in. (IE Archer can subclass Bard, which is a healer)

            Note: Don’t discount healers that started as other roles first. Many are very competitive.

        4. You can preview all of the Awakened Classes during character creation, but this is not the same as seeing them in group action.

    So basically, you can have multiple awakened classes which you can swap between at any time, and you can also pick another class if you don’t like yours, which you can change every 7 days.

5.You can’t delete characters (yet). So don’t make frivolous characters. Instead, you can change classes at 60 if you decide you don’t like yours.


How to get experience:

    Main Quests

    Side Quests

    Guild Castle Development Quests - get in a guild, any guild, just for these quests.

    Event Dungeons (Run, Toto. Run!, Elemental Warfare, Ultimate Dogfight)

    Other Dungeons

    Path of Erudition



Crafting components come out of boxes that show up as yellow dots on your minimap. Go off course to pick them up.

In addition, you can get crafting components in Island of Hero doing the dailies there. “I am new and I’ll just get slaughtered in the Battlefront (Island of Hero)”. Do the dailies between Island of Hero events (nonpeak times). Early morning is especially good if your schedule accommodates.

Daily Events

In the upper right corner beneath the minimap is a small banner that will tell you the currently ongoing events. Dungeons, Raids, PvP areas, and other things happen throughout the day. Here are just a few that you might want to take note of. Check Daily Events for the exact times.

    Altar of Champions: Fight to capture altars which give you sweet loot and bonuses throughout the day

    High Energy Crystals: Happens right after the Altar battle, high energy crystals will appear that give better mining output.

    Guild Campfire : Stand around for free benefits. During the fire a boss named Loki Leet will appear which you race other guilds to down first.

    Guild Raid: One hour after campfire is the guild raid open. This coincides with regular raids opening up.

    Minecart: Do a game to get guild credits.

    God Blessing: Periodically one of the Gods will give out blessings. This works similar to the guild campfire except there’s usually two different circles which must be close to equally full and everyone gets benefits.

Basic Get Stronk Tips

    1. Make sure you buy rewards from Chamber, Supply, and Reputations as you have currency. Try to buy as many a day as you can afford.

        Guild tab especially will sell an Alchemist, Outlines, Booklets, Shards, Energy Essence, and other items great for leveling up you and your mercenaries.

    2. Pick up Scenery (NPCs with a little dialog box by their head wherever you go will grant you these) as you run around leveling up.

    3. Pick up anything that shows up on your minimap - yellow dots are crafting components, treasure chests contain benefits like gems, and books are part of Collections which give you stats.

Basic Gold Making Tips

    1. Crafting!

        Sell level 1 craftable armor pieces on the Trade/Consignment market. These are needed for the Daily Activity “Make a Donation” for reputation rewards and sell consistently.

        When you get to the point you have lots of level 2 materials, you can sell 110 gear score armors for sweet gold.

    2. Do your activities as early as possible so your Benefits > Alchemy Workshop makes you more gold. In addition, try to acquire alchemists.

    3. Trade/Consignment Sales:

        Sell raid drops you don’t need.

        Sell shards that aren’t for your class.

        Sell pets you pick up that you don’t want.
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    1. You can change your appearance but you can’t change races (yet! I hear that’s coming in a later patch).

    2. Do the guild faction activity “Transport (Guild)” to help your guild build buildings in the castle.

    3.You can send gifts to someone and if your affinity gets up high you can get married.

That’s the end of this guide. For more news and guide on gaming, stay tuned to Igxc.com, a professional online in-game currency store for Cheap World of Kings Gold.