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The Best Class Setup for Good Guns in Phantom Forces Roblox

2019-07-12 01:21:02

Phantom forces Is a team based FPS game which has a large variety of weapons and attachments, and having good guns with first class set up is always a key factor to success in the game. In last article, I’ve talked about the best guns in the game. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check our news page. Today, in this guide,I’ll share with you advice on the best class set up for good guns in Phantom Forces. I’ll separate all the gun categories in the game, pick the best one and detail on their set up. Now, let’s dive in, shall we?

phantom forces

Assault Class:

1.Honey Badger
  Reflex Sight
  None(as it is suppressed)
  Stubby or Folding grip(To reduce camera recoil)
  Green laser
2. G36
  Reflex sight
  Compensator(To reduce horizontal recoil)
  Angled Grip
  Green Laser
Scout Class:

  Coyote Sight
  Green laser
  Support Class:

1.Scar Hamr
  Reflex Sight
  Angled Grip
  Green Laser
  Comp Aimpoint
  Angled Grip
  Green Laser
Recon Class:

1.Intervention/R700: Naked or with green laser(ballistics is cancer)


  Comp or VCOG
  Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake
  Green laser or Nothing
  Green Laser OR Ballistics Tracker(Bullet Drop is Bad)
DMR(or Counter Sniper):

1.MK11: Naked or
  Muzzle Brake
  Green laser
  M145 or ACOG
  Muzzle Brake
  Stubby Grip
  Green Laser
3.Dragunov SVU:
  Muzzle Brake
  Vertical or Stubby
  Green Laser
Burst Weapons:

M4 and M16A4
Cant get the best Setup as I haven’t Experimented with them so much

AN-94 is slow in burst mode

Shotguns: KSG rages me

KS-23M seems to be best, Kobra works well enough

Carbines: L22 is the best

Groza-1 is an honorable mention

G36C hepls a lot in the early Levels

Battle Rifles: All are good, But they need practice

Edit: Forgot About the Pistols


Delta, Compensator, Laser works for all.

1)Deagle: Can be used as a DMR if you’re accurate, Bad for Panic spam
2)MP412 REX: Good Damage Sluggish Fire rate and reload
3)M9 or M1911: Good for panic spam, Bad at range, close to zero recoil
4)SFG or OBREZ: are sawed off versions of bfg and mosin, good if you snipe a lot
5)Sawed off: pistol version of Stevens DB, 2 rounds in the mag
6)TEC-9: Low Damage per round, highest automatic fire rate, crazy recoil, bullets run out quickly
7)ZIP 22: Its a staple Gun, Don’t use it

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