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Rainbow Six Siege Special Features & Operator Analysis

2019-08-26 01:14:57

"Rainbow Six: Siege" is an anti-terrorism theme shooting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studio for a new generation of game consoles. The game officially landed on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms on November 28, 2015.

"Rainbow Six: Siege" is adapted from the character set in the same-named novel "Rainbow Six" based on the IPTom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege series of Ubisoft Entertainment. The characters in the game come from anti-terrorist forces from all over the world. They are the game is gathered together to face the common enemy. The characteristics of each team member are very clear, different characters use different skills, different skills with different items, and the firearms used by each character alone make each character vividly present to the player.

Players will play as an offensive or defensive player to conduct a tactical simulation exercise, a 5v5 matchup, the plot is extremely tight, and each move affects the outcome of the game.

Game features and core gameplay

Close combat

The map of "Rainbow Six: Siege" is based on CQB design. It simulates the situation in modern small-scale anti-terrorism operations. It combines various postures such as sideways and pitching. Players who are familiar with the map can fully exert their imagination, which is the tactical design of the series.

Terrain destruction

The indoor map has a large number of destructible walls, ceilings and other terrain, which can be adjusted according to tactical needs and used to win the game.

Intelligence system

It has military-type drones, cameras and other intelligence facilities used in modern anti-terrorism operations. Making full use of intelligence equipment can be the basis of tactical cooperation and the most core part of the gameplay.

Skill characteristics

People need to choose characters before the game starts. Different characters have different abilities and can match the abilities of teammates to achieve tactical goals.

"Rainbow Six: Siege" has developed into a more competitive depth of FPS, which requires smart gameplay to get a return. "Rainbow Six: Siege" focuses on teamwork and strategy, not just the goal itself. The exciting thing is that the constantly updated maps and cadres make it a rich FPS. But these new content will make it difficult for new players to get started. I hope the official can do more work to solve this problem. To win more games, you need to rely on the gameplay and good communication – not on brand new operators.