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PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update

2019-08-27 01:23:35

The latest 0.14.0 updates for PUBG Mobile have been released for Android and iOS. The update brings a new Zombies Infection Mode to Battle Royale game, a new character system for EvoGround, a treasure hunt game, and a small installation package for Android and other bug fixes.

The highlight of the latest PUBG Mobile update is its infection mode, a new zombie game format. Players will be divided into two groups at the start of the game - zombies and guards. While the defender will be able to use the weapon, the zombies will be allowed to use only the special abilities of melee attacks and cooldowns. In addition, zombies can be revived after being killed, and the defender will become a zombie after death.

To win, at least one defender must survive to the end of the specified time. The zombies will win the infection of all defenders. Players can customize Zombie form controls and quick chat. Importantly, the infection mode can only be played in indoor mode.

Infection mode

a) Asymmetric PVP mode in which players are divided into Zombies and Defenders at the start of the game.

b) The defender owns the gun, but the zombie can only use melee attack and cooling. The zombie can be resurrected after being killed, and the defender will become a zombie.

c) If all guards are infected, the zombies will win; if at least one person survives at any given time, they will win.

d) Players can customize Zombie form controls and quick chat.

e) Infection can be performed in indoor mode.

2. New character system

a) Victor, the first new role, available for free. Collect him from the roles in the workshop.

b) Victor's skills reduce SMG reload time. His skills work in EvoGround and do not affect the balance of the classic mode.

c) Victor has exclusive clothing, of which the legendary conquest is the best. Collect materials and upgrade to get unique expressions and sounds.

d) Upgrade through the competition. There are rewards and special rewards for each level: MVP results Emote at level 10 (maximum). Get a rare bonus by getting an EXP at the highest level and get a premium character pack.

3. Pirates main menu theme and global treasure hunt game

a) Find treasures during the game to find hidden treasures. Collect gold, silver and copper compasses to redeem rewards.

b) Global treasure hunt