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New Godzilla Pan Skin Added in PUBG Mobile

2019-06-29 11:29:07

PUBG Mobile has added a new skin - Godzilla Pan. The pan's skin is blue, and the back of the pan is printed with a "Godzilla" logo. In terms of appearance, the value of this pan is very collectible.

Godzilla Pan Skin

Moreover, getting a Godzilla Pan is very simple, you only need to collect enough Rare Ores to exchange the Godzilla Pan Skin for free.

How to Get Rare Ores in PUBG Mobile to unlock Godzilla Pan Skin?

Rare Ores typically awarded through daily “Squad Up” and Clan Activity” missions. Playing three matches will net you three Rare Ores per day. This can be topped up to five per day by earning 100 Clan Activity points. Both are redeemed through the Events tab, but you can earn a little extra RP Points by playing a few more. By playing three games, it will be possible to report three rare minerals per day. In this you can complete up to five each day by earning 100 points of clan activity. For its part, it is important to know that these items are exchanged through the Events tab, however it is also possible to earn a little more extra RP points when playing a little more. 50 RP Points can exchange for 3 Rare Ores. We can only redeem 3 Rare Ores in the game every day, while Godzilla Pan Skin requires 40 Rare Ores.

When it comes to spending on rare minerals, there is something that can be adapted to the budget of any player. Below is a small list:

1 Rare mineral = Box ride of emotion BP

5 Weird Mineral = Box of Attire II

10 Rare mineral = Classic scrap coupon (x2)

20 Weird mineral = RP points (x50)

Weird mineral 40 = Godzilla Pad (3 days)

If you want to see the Real Godzilla in PUBG Mobile then you need to visit Spawn Island in Erangel and then you can see the Spine on Godzilla in Water. Then you can also hear his Sound if you are playing in Day night Mode then you need to visit the Bridge near to NOVO in Erangel then you can listen to the Godzilla Sound in PUBG Mobile at night.

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