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How to Make Coconut Boba Tea at Disney Dreamlight Valley

2023-05-16 09:30:53

Players can interact with well-known Disney characters and become friends with them in Disney Dreamlight Valley. One of these activities is cooking. The objectives in the game require players to make a range of meals. Some of these recipes just need a few ingredients and are simple to make. A 3-star dessert and one of the in-game recipes is coconut boba tea. Players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game by following this guide's instructions on how to brew coconut boba tea.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Coconut Boba Tea Recipe

In order to make Coconut Boba Tea, you only need three distinct ingredients, making it a 3-star recipe. A piece of sugarcane, a piece of coconut, and a carton of milk are required by the player. The Dazzle Beach biome is where you can get two of these ingredients. The Dazzle Beach biome needs 1,000 Dreamlight to be unlocked. The complete recipe for Disney Dreams Optics Valley Coconut Boba Tea can be found below.


1 coconut

1 x milk

1 x Sugarcane.


How to Make Coconut Boba Tea at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's how players can acquire all three ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley for the Coconut Boba Tea recipe.


One of the six distinctive ingredients that players can acquire from Chez Remy's pantry is milk. The cost of milk is 230 star coins.

Sugar Cane: Sugar Cane Seeds are available for 5 Stars at Goofy's Stand in Dazzling Beach. Players can also purchase this component by directly spending 29 star coins.

Coconuts: You can gather coconuts from coconut trees in the Dazzle Beach biome.


Each harvest of this component yields three parts of the 33-minute-long coconut plant. Consuming coconut also gives 500 energy, making it a great ingredient for a stockpile. Similar to that, sugarcane has a growth duration of 7 minutes and players can harvest three pieces of it each time.


Once you have all three items, proceed to the cooking area. Players can use the cooking station at Chez Remy's restaurant. You can get kitchenware from Scrooge McDuck's store if you wish to prepare meals at home. To make Coconut Boba Tea, players can head to the cooking station and put the ingredients in the pot. This dish can be purchased from Goofy's stand for 406 stars, or it can be consumed to replenish 1653 energy.


Players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts and are aware of the recipe list for other coconut and boba meals by using the above Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe for Coconut Boba Tea.