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Currency Farming Techniques and Strategies Path of Exile 3.5

2019-07-08 01:27:22

There are plenty of ways to farm currency in Path of Exile. Today, in this guide, I'll start by talking a little about leagues and how you can use them to your benefit.

POE 3.5

At the start of a league, you'll notice most items are a bit more expensive then they are. Say 1-2 weeks into the league and as more come about the competition for price causes them to lower. Keeping that in mind, something's are the exact opposite. Like exalted orbs for example. 1st week, you can sometimes buy them for as low as 30 chaos, then they gradually grow in price as the league goes on until they hit a settling point. Tabulas go the exact opposite.

Keeping all of this in mind, at the start of a league your main goal should be making it to a lvl 60+ area you can farm comfortably with little to no gear needed and picking a good starter build that either 1. Needs little to no currency investment or 2. Scales well with investment in terms of clear speed. You need to do this as fast as possible. The quicker you get to this point the more currency you stand to make off of the market.

At this point I recommend farming the hell out of blood aquducts. There are 3 reasons this is my favorite place to farm at league start. 1. Humility cards drop semi frequently which depending on the market sell for anywhere from 3-10c a piece which doesn't seem like much but you will also be 2. Farming for the chaos recipe which can net quite a bit for your time. And 3. It's free, no currency spent like you would farming white maps and you'll get plenty of map drops to farm later when the xp gains have completely dropped off.

Now to the most important part and the reason it is imperative to do all this as fast as possible. Once you've started getting a decent amount of chaos, you want to buy as many ex as you can and continue the cycle until the market caps around 80-100 c per ex or lower (personal preference). If you do this right, and quick you'll be spending around 35-55 c for and ex. Which in just a few weeks are now worth 80-100.
Makes sense right?

Now that you've made quite a bit you can play the market sometimes doubling or tripling your profit when done correctly. The best thing I can suggest is looking for items that have a large currency gap between good and bad rolls. You want to buy the cheapest, worst rolled items you can find of value. Divine them to high rolls then re sell them slightly lower then the current market. This can and usually will do two things. 1. If done repetitively with the same items, it may cause a drop in the market if people notice them selling lower and 2. Leave you with a lot more currency then you've spent.

This all scales. Do this with 1-5 ex items, then slowly move into higher and higher cost with higher and higher gaps. Eventually you'll be buying 5-10 ex items and the low side, and doubling your currency. Sounds simple right?

Hopefully what I've wrote so far helps. These are the methods I use more often then not and within 2 weeks of playing Xbox I'm sitting on 3 legacy impulsa's, 2 head hunters, a legacy wind ripper maxed and around 25 ex left at the end of last league. All together that's well over 200 ex and it took no time to make it. This is my way, maybe not the best but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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